The beauty of photo record keeping...

Okay. The phot on the left was taken last week. The photo on the right is from April 24, 2010. We're going to have to speed up this process a little bit to get to the photo on the right by the 24th.

It occurred to me that I haven't shown any pictures of my garden since last Fall. It's been winter in Buffalo, that's no secret, but I don't like to show snow photos to perpetuate the myth of all snow all the time.


  1. I am glad that I took some photos from last season especially as I am not a gardener at all, just wanting to plant some natives for the wildlife. Oh it's snowing again..gotta love Buffalo.... Michelle

  2. Do you know of anyone who does landscaping with a knowledge of native plants? I have MS and can't do a lot of the work myself and haven't had much luck in locating someone who can or does...Michelle

  3. Talk about 2 pictures being worth a 1000 words!

  4. We're in northern Colorado, east of the Rockies. It seems like spring has been slow to come on this year; even the birds are returning later than usual.

  5. Michelle/Rambling Woods,
    I don't know of anyone that specializes in natives, but most good landscapers will know what natives might be good for your site/conditions. Sally Cunningham is a consultant to many landscapers and is probably one of the more informed horticulturalists when it comes to WNY natives. You can always head out to Lockwoods in Hamburg, NY, when she's there, and get her thoughts for free!

    Glad it's not just us!

  6. Thank you...Hamburg is a nice drive when it isn't snowing...I will check into far the landscapers I have talked too.. about 4 of them have no real knowledge of natives..sadly... Michelle


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