The office worker's garden

Seen in Amsterdam, Holland. A field of wildflowers between two large office towers out by the exhibition center. Both mornings we went by and office workers were picking flowers for their offices. How simple. How thoughtful. What an elegant, gracious and simple idea. What a good way to start the day.


  1. Generous of the landowner. Hope the flowers last. (Hope a lawn mower or hay-make doesn't arrive too soon!)


  2. Esther,
    This wild flower field looked purposeful and planned. There was development on all four sides and the field looked a little too perfect (not weedy) to not be planned. I assume, this being Holland where flowers were invented, it was part of the landscaping.

  3. It is a beautiful and natural addition to a landscape, even a commercial one. It is especially nice that it is used in such a great day-starting way. You get to go to the coolest places, thanks to your wife I am guessing.


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