Barking up the right River Birch tree

I love my river birch tree. It's planted too close to the house (requiring diligent pruning), it's grown to almost completely shade my vegetable garden (requiring rethinking what vegetables get grown), it is in the way of the hot tub "mechanicals" (requiring contortionist-like skills for any hot tub repairs) and it drops friggin' leaves like it was made from them.

But how can you not like this bark?


  1. Its bark is, indeed, characterful. But are its roots not likely to cause as many problems as its branches would if you let them be?

  2. The roots may not cause as many problems. The bed the tree is in is pretty landlocked between a driveway and back door concrete pad. Behind it is a porch and hot tub - which sit on top of the ground, giving plenty of root room. Though I admit I do not know how aggressive River Birch roots are.


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