The greeks like their oranges

 On our trip to Athens last year I took notice of the orange trees planted along public roadways. Not just in a few spots, but all over the city. Oranges were ripe and some were already on the ground. Oftentimes the orange trees were between sidewalk and building front or even sidewalk and road. Kinda cool to have an available snack at the ready any time they're ripe. Though with the minimal exhaust standards, not sure I'd find the oranges as tasty as rural, tropically-grown oranges.

The last photo below was taken over the fence at the new Acropolis Museum, just down the hill from the Parthenon. Inside the wall they were growing -- you guessed it -- orange trees. What museum grows and orchard?


  1. I wonder if people pick these's a pity if they don't. All that Vitamin C going to waste. Oh to have an Orange tree. Not much chance of that in Ireland!

  2. Your blog has been chosen by me for the for the Versatile Blogger award. I think your blog is special. I have linked to you on my “ And the Award Goes to...” post. If you want to find out how this all works go to the post on Plants and Stones and click on Donna.


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