Canadian Garden Writer GW Mini-tour

This weekend we hosted Canadian garden writer Ken Brown (not Buffalo's garden personality Ken Brown - his Canadian version!), and garden radio personality Bruce Zimmerman. Great guys, that REALLY know their stuff and were very complimentary of our gardens and gardeners. I hope they had a good time while here.

We got off to a late start, due to visits to the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, the Erie Basin Marina Trial Gardens, Olmsted's Delaware Park Rose and Japanese Gardens, National Garden Festival's Front Yard contest, and lunch at a Belgian-beer-themed lunch venue, so I didn't get to all the gardens I'd wanted to, but they did get a whirlwind tour of Garden Walk Buffalo gardens.

We toured from 2:30-7pm. I can't thank Visit Buffalo Niagara for bringing them in for this "fam tour" (familiarization tour). And I can't thank enough the gardeners that allowed us to come through their gardens on a hot and hazy Saturday afternoon.

Here's a smattering of what they saw. You can see these same gardens, for free, in two weeks during Garden Walk Buffalo, June 28 & 29.


  1. Beautifull pictures ! Very inspiring !

  2. Buffalo is looking beautiful! Jim you must be very proud of what you have accomplished! I know for you the whirlwind has already begun.

  3. gwenniesgarden,
    Thank you!

    Thanks. It began about a week ago! It'll end in two weeks. I look forward to it and I look forward to it being over! You'll have to come back for it sometime Becky...

  4. Super garden tours!! Love the bowling balls and pins... are they real???
    Wish I could find one of those planters with a face on it like you have shared in the past few posts. What great whimsy.


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