A Hamburg Garden

No, not a garden of hamburgers. A garden on the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk. It was held on Saturday and Sunday, July 14 & 15, 2011. Hamburg is a small town just outside Buffalo. There were many nice gardens on this tour, which I'll cover in the future -- I have all winter to show garden photos!

This garden was a surprise -- because I knew the owners! But going into the garden I had no idea it was theirs. This is a garden I'll keep coming back to to see what they've done. And see what ideas I can steal be inspired by.

They purposely chose this narrow ally as the entrance for visitors so only a small,
but beautiful, portion of the garden is revealed.
I loved the use of multiple market umbrellas defining the "living area."

They bought the periwinkle pylon at the Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale I helped organize!
I loved the way the patio furniture went so well with the banana tree, color-wise.
Nice, or what?
The banana tree drew the most questions and attention.

Encouraging visitors to walk through that narrow alley between house and garage made people
ooooh, awww, and gasp when they rounded the corner and the whole garden came into view.
Visitors taking advantage of plentiful seating area.
Vegetable garden was all in pots. This may be the answer to all my vegetable garden problems.


  1. I like their water feature, frames the garden nicely. That is a lot of market umbrellas!! Really does help create a living space on the patio.

  2. Beautiful healthy looking plants and all very familar. I mean I live in Sweden. We just had a Desert Life (Ökenliv) theme this year at our botanical gardens in Göteborg. I'm a transpalnted desert rat and have loved the show.

    Still your features here are refreshing and wonderful. very peaceful setting for Bar-B-Qs and such like.



  3. Janet,
    I loved the umbrellas too. I don't have quite the space they do to do something like that.

    I'm surprised so many plants are familiar, Sweden seems to be so much more north than us!

  4. Jim -

    Thank you for taking such wonderful photos. How cool to see the great angles and compositions. Great eye! We love your comments.

    It was good to see you today.

    Love your blog.


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