The Junk Yard

During the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens this past July, I went to see this junky garden in Lancaster, a small town/suburb of Buffalo. The gardener, Ron, is proud to show you around this wonderfully creative garden -- made of friends' cast-offs and garbage picking. It's hard to photograph because he's layered creative (re)use of stuff on top of layers of used stuff! One man's trash is another man's garden art...

Tabletop sideways, funnels, driftwood, baskets, coat rack, tools, anything is ripe for garden art.

Did you guess what this is? A papason chair frame on top of two umbrella table stands.

A bowling ball on a newel post.

Coffee can, funnel and decorative doodad.


  1. What an amusingly fun place.

  2. The distinguishing element that turned a junk pile into art is his meticulous attention to the plants. I hope he finds someone to water three times a day.

  3. He is certainly having fun! I love the advertisement on the chalkboard sign. I might have to try that and see if I get any takers!

  4. gw/gt,
    Amusing would be a good word!

    It was visual overload. I don't think I'd want SOO much in my own garden, but I sure loved visiting this one.

    I think his plants are what keeps it from really looking like a junkyard! If not for well-palaced and happy plants, it would have so much more visual clutter. He's done a masterful job of making it a GARDEN, as opposed to a collection of creative reuse of found items.

    He is having fun - and he likes to show off his garden too. He led us around, only leaving us when new visitors came in.

  5. It does look like a fun place and there are several some good ideas.

  6. Love it! Nice job


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