Succulent obsessed, another frame made

And so I build a second succulent frame. I received a few succulents that are not winter-hardy. I love them because they come in a greater variety of colors than the hardy succulents. And varierty of plant types too. Nearly all of the hardy succulents for my large succulent frame are Hens & Chicks. They'll be nice too, but the variety of colors and structures should make this much smaller frame more interesting. And this one I can bring indoors to enjoy over the winter.

Looking over other succulent frame projects spread around the web, I really like the rough-hewn antique look of other people's frames. So I decided to not spend any money on this one and challenge myself to only use items I had around the house already.

 This is a vegetable, or fruit box, that's been sitting around the garage for years.
It doesn't have any great illustrations or typography on it,
but it's a good size for what I have in mind...
...though it was too deep. I cut it roughly in half.

Since it'll be indoors and the box would be potentially leaky,
I lined it with a past Garden Walk Buffalo map made of plastic corrugated material –
same stuff as the realtor signs you see around.
I found a musty, dusty, piece of wall trim that was in the house when we moved in – instant patina!
It got cut down to the size of the box.
Then the chicken wire gets attached to the newly-made frame.
The box itself gets filled with a quick-draining succulent/cactus soil.
Next goes a layer of sphagnum moss.
Next was attaching the frame to the box and then the fun part, adding the plants.


  1. Happy New Year. Excellent project for this time of year. Noticed that the local nurseries often carry succulents as an enticement to the garden-starved. Nice to know you've got new plant friends who can enjoy the seasons with you both inside and out. Did you have any ice damage?

    1. No ice damage here. In the city of Buffalo the Blizzard of '14 was kind of a non-event, though schools were closed and there was 6-8" of light, dry snow. South of Buffalo though – they got SLAMMED!

  2. Now we know what gardeners do in the winter....

  3. I really like this idea and it is really great.Keep up the great work and just keep making it look better.

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