Another garden art acquisition

My brother and brother-in-law own a couple apartment buildings in Binghamton, NY. In one of the garages, they found some carved wood – large pieces of carved wood – carved by a former tenant and left behind. This one is six feet tall. There were a few others that had a horizontal orientation. If they're still there for my next visit, I may be tempted to take those too.

This totem they were going to burn in the family campfire a few weeks ago. Being the scavenger that I am, I purloined it from its impending torching to do something with it in my garden. There were also dozens of carved wooden sticks, all carved in different patterns, all about two feet long. I have to figure out what to do with those as well.

Buffalo gardens are becoming more and more well known for their re-purposed and/or found art. This certainly qualifies.

I think I'll poke around the basement and see what color wood stains I have that I could stain it with. Then I'll put a protective coat of polyurethane. Then the tough part. Where to put it.


  1. Hi Jim, gave you a plug and suggested folks visit your Heuchera blog post & of course the upcoming Garden Walk - what a cool garden object.


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