The well-hung succulents

The succulent frame, my winter project is now 99% complete. I hung it on the wall of the house this week. It was too heavy – especially after the occasional heavy rains we've had in the last few weeks. My neighbor Eric tried to help, but it was obvious that it was going to take four men with sturdy backs, strong hearts, healthy knees, and strong shoulders.

All my friends are my age. I don't know any with sturdy backs, strong hearts, healthy knees, and strong shoulders. So I did it myself.

I bought some heavy-duty eyelet screws and screwed them deeply into the wall just below the window. i used the straps with buckles from my kayak ties and lashed the frame to the eye bolts. Then I inched the frame into place onto the cleat I had bolted to the wall weeks before. It was still sweat-inducing work, but I managed to do it by myself – every second expecting it to fall to the ground smashing fantastically and ruining months of work.

I looked the next morning and it was still there. No budging. I only now have to do some spot painting of the frame where there was some chipping.

I think it looks great. The plants – sedums and hardy succulents (mostly hens & chicks) are happy. I will come up with some sort of cover for it for the wintertime. They should do fine there, but I worry about drying winds.
In context with the rest of the garden - it was a bare blank wall. Now a dominate garden feature.
The plants are happy - and I didn't loose a single one in the process of lifting it in place! Hate that electric meter though.
The checkerboard grass needs some whacking.
Overall, I'm pleased. Unless it falls of the wall.


  1. You need to build some sort of wide flat wooden container with a but of the same sort of framing and coloration as the hanging frame and put a clematis and trellis or a small leafy tree good to a much colder zone there.

  2. Rachelle - I've given that some thought. My only problem being if I put a low planter below, I cannot open my passenger side door of the car when I park there!


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