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Being the marketing guy I am, I designed these social-media-friendly mini Garden Walk Buffalo poster .jpgs for the Garden Walk Facebook page. I post them on Facebook with the simple message to "Please share..." They are among the most liked and shared items on the GW Facebook page, reaching thousands.

Each one is about a 15-minute investment of my time, and employing either my own photos or those of photographer Don Zinteck, of Photographics 2/1045 Elmwood Avenue Gallery for the Arts, who generously lets Garden Walk Buffalo use his images – as long as they are ONLY used for promotion of Garden Walk Buffalo.

Some of the quotes are from general gardening wisdom that I cannot find any one person to attribute them to. Others are by well-known thought-provokers, like L.M. Montgomery, Dorothy Parker, and Sir Walter Scott.

The Maya Angelou quote was posted the week she died as a commemoration. Others are by people in the gardening world, like writer Mac Griswold – my favorite garden quote of all time – "Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts."

And a couple are wisdoms from people I know, collected from conversations, like Kathy Guest Shadrack and the poetic Trudy Stern (Friends of the Japanese Garden of Buffalo). They're both gardeners, and writers, that are doing significant things within the Buffalo Niagara horticultural world.

Enjoy. And please share!


  1. Impossible to pick a favorite! What a treat. Thanks!

    1. I love all of them - but I am the one that gets to choose them!

  2. I like Janet Gillespie's - One of the Worst Mistakes you Can Make as a Gardener is to Think you're in Charge.....#7 on the deadly sin list, Pride.
    There is always a moment or twelve every summer, when I'm tempted to feel very clever about a combination or a beautiful form in my garden that I remind myself that I'm simply the moderator of my garden of joy & madness and not the master.
    So not ready for fall.....Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from the other side of the Lake. Barbarapc


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