Seen the garden already? Take a look inside our house...

Our home is the Buffalo News' "Home of the Week" this week on their online version of the newspaper. You've seen the garden (ad nauseam) but this is a chance for us to invite you inside.

You can see the online gallery of photos of different rooms here.

Home & Style Editor Susan Martin writes:
"The garden at Jim and Leslie Charlier’s home has been a must-see for years during the annual Garden Walk Buffalo. It has been featured in numerous national publications, including This Old House, Backyard Solutions and Fine Gardening.  

This week, we take a look at the inside of their home, with its local artwork, colorful walls and handcrafted items. Jim Charlier runs JCharlier Communication Design and is a former president (2006-2013) of Garden Walk Buffalo. He also writes a gardening blog,  

Leslie Charlier is an international flight attendant. Their daughter, Margaux, is a college sophomore.  

Here is how Jim Charlier described their place for our latest Home of the Week online feature for the Home & Style section of The Buffalo News: “The house is a 1897 Dutch Colonial, defined by its gambrel roof and rounded half tower.  “Most artwork, inside and out, is either made by me, our friends or local artists – including the lightning-bolt-shaped lightning rod by metal sculptor Mark Griffis.  

“We purchased the home, only one house in from Elmwood Avenue, in 2001. The previous owners had done a great job of modernizing the kitchen and utilities and had work done to each room – very tastefully – but just not our more colorful taste.  “It’s been called ‘the cartoon castle’ by some friends. We’re still friends,” he wrote."


  1. It's beautiful! The house is cool to start with, and you've done so many wonderful things with it.

  2. I'm learning a lot from your posts. Thanks for sharing!

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