Time to suc it up...

Here is the 5'x3' vertical succulent planter attached to the west-facing exterior wall of my house. I cover it in burlap in the winter. This is what it looks like when I take the burlap off. They don't necessarily require the covering, but I figure it can't hurt. I'm told it's the drying bitter winter winds that will do more damage than the cold. 

Each spring I add a few new succulents to it. It's looking like I'll have to add plenty of new ones though for this year. It was a long and bitter winter, overall. 

Many will bounce back just fine—and many will get offsets (pups) and fill out. But I just purchased the 105-plug tray of Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) from Mountain Crest Gardens (around $100). Now I have a project to get done in the next couple weeks, now that the weather has broken.
I'll probably pull up a few sedums from around the garden and fill in with some of those.
They come with great names, like Jade Rose, Silverine, Commander Hay, Moss Rose, Pluto, Red Heart, Hopewell, Sunset, Spring Beauty, and Candy Floss.
Here's what it should look like by the end of July.


  1. Love the look of this, and the idea. What do you have to do to maintain the planter through the summer months?

  2. All I have to do Pat is spray it with a hose now and then, not even once a week.

  3. Thanks, Jim. I may try to do something similar this summer.


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