Bullet Train Bushes

This very odd, yet probably very expensive, landscape item caught my attention a few times as we passed it three times in the course of a week spent around Strasborg, France.

It's a cross between a sculptor's poor use of hedges, a landscape designer's poor use of a full-sized train, a junk heap and a rock pile. If I had access to a spare train, this might not be my first choice. Though, to improve it, I'd have painted the train green and had the paint texture sort of merge with the hedges, or planted orange hedges. Maybe they ran out of money to do that. It's an expensive pile of rocks on which it sits.


  1. There's something similar in Omaha up the road. Alas. Who says the French aren't tres chic, n'est-ce pas?

  2. Oh, I don't know. I kind of like that odd relic. It has just the "zip" landscaping is embracing these days, with mirrors in gardens and vertical walls and all.......... I think the effort to make the hedge the "cars" is plain funny.....unintended maybe, but still worth a giggle. It beats the Toilet Planters of Indiana.

  3. Dear JC, I am afraid I rather disagree with what you write here. I feel that all of the impact would be lost if the train were to be painted green and thus merge into the existing landscape.

    But that is only my opinion!

  4. Benjamin,
    I think Omahaans are trés chic.

    I haven't seen the toilet planters of Indiana, and I wish I could say I was intrigued.

    Edith Hope,
    I can see that - as an advertising designer, I would just like the train & hedges to feel more like one unit. Now it looks like an afterthought.

  5. Strange indeed. When I first looked at it it looked like the train was about to rocket off the rocks.

  6. Your comment amused me. We, people, in France, love ugly "rond-point" : there is plenty of jokes about that, and about the money it cost ; the one you show is particularly horrific! (Sorry for my misspellings or mistakes)

  7. It takes a good eye to see what others have seen and observe what others have failed to observe. Well done indeed!


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