Another Buffalo Garden In Garden Gate Magazine...

Another Garden Walk Buffalo garden has made it into the popular gardening magazine, Garden Gate. As a matter of fact, when the garden bloggers come here in July, this garden is on the itinerary to visit. It is on my street, Lancaster Avenue, and is the work of Alec. The front yard of this garden has also appeared on a past Garden Gate cover -- and on the cover of People Places Plants. It's also appeared in Easy Weekend Gardening magazine, Backyard Retreat magazine, and Great Garden Beds and Borders magazine.

The article is all about structure. Below is a photo I took last year, from basically the same spot,  where you can see how well Alec's garden is structured -- mostly with small bushes. It is not dependent on blooms for its interest (at least inside the fence).

Across the street from this garden is another garden that has appeared in many national gardening magazines. The garden bloggers will get to see that garden as well during their visit. So far, we have 63 garden bloggers & writers from 23 different states lined up to visit the weekend of July 9-11. For more information on the blogger meet-up, visit the website here.


  1. Lovely garden! I showed my husband and said "Look, they have no deer!"

  2. I swear I could stare at this photo all day. It's fabulous.

  3. Fantastic Garden now i m willing to purchase this Magazine.

  4. Cameron,
    No deer, but they do have bunnies and, Alec being a birder (even co-authored a book on birding) probably has his share of birds.

    Funny thing is, this isn't even Alec's garden -- it's his mom & dads garden! It's his childhood home and he keeps the garden but doesn't even live there.

    Garden Gate's always worth a look. Its a good magazine. My biggest complaint is that most photos intended to illustrate garden articles are not credited with gardener's names, what city they're from -- or even what zone!

  5. Can't wait to see it in person. He is an edger; so crisp and clean — something I never do. But I also think the fact that there is a well-designed, high quality gate and fence as a backdrop is a point that should not be overlooked. Sometimes you have to spend the money. Imagine that garden without that fence!

  6. Ms. Wis,
    Boy is he an edger. He'll also mow the yard three times the week of the Walk. I edge once a year -- the weekend before the Walk. He does have a great fence -- used to maximum effect. I believe Garden Gate magazine used that photo in another of their publications pointing out how to take advantage of a fence with vertical plantings.

  7. Looking forward to seeing all these gardens!

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