The Online Store for Garden Walk fans

Now fans of Garden Walk Buffalo have the opportunity to purchase Garden Walk branded merchandise 24/7, as opposed to one weekend a year. We have embroidered logo t-shirts in tan and dark blue (much more manly than our typical flower illustration, silk-screened shirts that change annually, depending on the poster art). There are baseball caps in teal, blue and brown. There are three styles of tote bags, a nice green one (the most popular seller) and a blue & a gold canvas tote. And a magnets. Can't forget the magnets. Add to that the Garden Walk Buffalo book & DVD and we've got a store!

The absolute best product, the one we get requests for most often, is our past Garden Walk posters. We now have the last eight posters, all full-color, available for sale (only $10 each). And they can even be purchased as a compete set of eight (at a discount $70!).

In the first 24 hours we sold six individual posters, two embroidered t-shirts and one complete set of the eight posters -- I've been obsessively checking the site to monitor activity. Someone stop me.

It was years in the making. There were many starts & stops along the way -- there are so many ways to get an online store up and running! What seems like would be a simple thing -- having Stan the IT guy just set up a store with a shopping cart and start accepting Paypal & credit cards is the easy part (and even that wasn't as easy as we'd have expected). It's the fulfillment & distribution, the old "shipping & handling" that is the hard part. I have to thank the Garden Walk committee folk that have worked on this on and off over the years. 'Cause even if we didn't use a service or went down complicated, expensive paths that didn't seem right, it was all a learning process.

Another benefit of using the company we ultimately went with for the site & distribution, was the fact that they not only are local, but they are an online book seller -- of every book imaginable -- best sellers, fiction, biographies, cookbooks, hard cover and soft cover. They even have a good selection of gardening books. And for any of these books purchased through our store, Garden Walk Buffalo gets a small percentage of the sale. Win win.

Visit the store here. Let me know what you think. If you purchase something, I'll know. I'm monitoring.


  1. I'm a long way from Buffalo but I'm impressed with all of the work done on marketing and promotion. Great online store (I'm definitely tempted) and I especially like that the tour is free and self guided. So many beautiful gardens to see! Wow!

  2. Good its nice store all products are in the art of garden amazing interesting.

  3. I always love Garden Walk products. Gardening is my absolute passion and I really love to see the end results after a succefful garden season. Keep up the great work with your blog.

  4. Maybe add a Garden Walk President bobble-head doll?

  5. Helen,
    The Garden Walk committee has worked hard over the years to get to this point. Their efforts have created this event, which is something very special.

    Plug for your own site, or what?

    Plug for your own site, or what? Do you even know what you wrote? What is it wit these people?

    Garden Walk president Bobble head? Why, you're a genius! A GENIUS I say!


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