My Buffa10 Blogger Meet-Up photos

Let me see if I can do this - Michelle (WildOnesNiagara), Dee (Red Dirt Ramblings), Sarah (Toronto Gardens), Carol (May Dreams Gardens), Gail (Clay & Limestone), Layanee (Ledge & Gardens), and I think the hatted person up on top of the hill may be Aldona (Toronto Botanical Gardens). Hope I got them all right. Here you can see them, adding color to the Shadrack garden in Hamburg, NY. Wow - a shot without a Susan!
I'm away on vacation currently and haven't had much time for posting. I'm finally getting around now to posting my photos from Buffa10, the Garden Bloggers Meet-up here in Buffalo in July. To see all my photos, please visit here: . There are much better photos on other's posts on Buffal10, which can be found here: I was busy running around, and half the time, forgot I had my camera on me.
I won't even try to name bloggers in the photo here. That's Cheryl with the camera.
Pat (Common Weeder), Michele (Garden Rant), Bonnie (Vintage Garden Gal) & Xris (Flatbush Gardener) all in my yard.


  1. Nice to see a face and name put to the blogger. Makes commenting on the blogs seem so much more real. How you can remember all the names, I am at a loss for that. Have a great vacation.Would love to see Mike's garden in person. All the photos make it look like such a tranquil spot.

  2. What a kick! I'm so jealous.

    Thanks for giving a taste of the Buffa10 goings-on to moi, stranded on the Left Coast for the summer!

  3. Jim, you did an amazing job identifying everyone in that first pic. I don't know if I could have done it. Thanks again for a wonderful time. Loved it!


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