Schiphol Airport Forest

These, along with the recorded sounds of birds, crickets and a gurgling stream? In the middle of not only Holland's largest airport, but one of the busiest airports in the world? "A" for effort, but I'm gonna' have to say no.


  1. I agree, after a long travel a comfy seat would be a better choice. Plus, it I was wearing a dress????

  2. Rochester's airport has rocking chairs. I hear it's a big hit with travelers.

  3. Donna,
    Kids seemed to like the bench for its comic novelty. It was in front of the bathrooms, so there were plenty of men sitting waiting for their traveling companions.

    I've seen those rocking chairs in Rochester. Other airports have them as well. What they DON'T have that Rochester has is that weird world clock that only people from Rochester seem to appreciate. My wife being one of them.


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