The summer home in the back yard

To see this handsome home (below) on Park Street in Buffalo, you'd never know there was a summer home in the back yard (above). This garden is part of the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens, as well as part of Garden Walk Buffalo. I loved the front yard garden and how well the colors mesh with the home itself. I also like the idea of not having a railing on the front porch -- providing an unobstructed view of the garden and pretty neighborhood. They obviously have no young children!

The back wooded, and shady, back yard has this small dutch-doored building with not much more than a big puffy mattress. I asked what the outbuilding was used for and the owner said that it was their summer home - a place to go for a night to get away from the house. They don't have a big ol' summer home and this seems to fill that void every once in a while.

Park Street in Buffalo is a collection of great mini-Victorian homes on a tree-lined street.


  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street,
    This garden was a nice little surprise. I'd never seen it before this visit. And i thought I knew most gardens on Garden Walk Buffalo!


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