It must be spring, prom flowers have popped up

The tulips are coming up, and the front bed – which I haven't added any bulbs to in years – still looks good. Many of these came straight from Holland. But the most important flowers of the season came from a teenage boy.

My daughter was asked to the junior prom with a dozen cream roses with red edges. The flowers came with a baseball that read, "I usually strike out the batter, but I hope I don't strike out asking you to the prom."

And the card with the flowers read, "Please return the baseball with your written response."

She threw him a wadded up piece of paper that said, "Yes!" She's keeping the baseball. It's a first "date" though they've been friends for years. We believe they're just going as friends, but clever use of flowers for an invite invites some speculation. We give the boy points for creativity.

So as much as we enjoy the spring flowers popping up in the front yard, the most memorable of the season are the dozen inside.

Looks okay for not having done anything.
These parrot tulips are among my favorite. I need to get more of these.

And a few lucky new houseplants got new summer homes. The orange striped curtains around the hot tub are getting replaced. They are outdoor fabric and seven years outside have served their time.


  1. I envy your tulips. Can only have them right by the porch here as they are deer snacks. Hard to tell that what that promposal means. The News says the average cost in this area is something like $400...but if you're just going as friends,why even bother with flowers? Clever of M to keep the baseball. Best to play it safe and have Virginia Bates make aprom dress for M.

    1. No deer downtown. Only natural enemy of tulips here is the occasional squirrel. He (or his parents) spent the money on the flowers and it was significantly less than the News' $400. They did just go as friends, but we'll see what develops over time. She'll be away 60+ days this summer (got a job at Cradle Beach Camp) so she'll see hardly any friends here, but will make plenty there. No purchased prom dress. She already has PLENTY of gowns and dresses.

  2. All of those bulbs popping, what a striking display! We have some trouble with deer as well so I wonder if I could create the same sure might be worth a shot, all that color at once looks amazing.

    1. Keeping the contained to one small area might enable you to protect them from the deer better. Kinda' like "circling the wagons." The shot of color in the spring helps with the gloom of the previous four months.


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