A fence post

There's so much I want to post that has been going on recently...but I don't have the time! I'm going to try and be better. I'm helping plan for Open Gardens, the Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale, Garden Walk Buffalo, helping with hosting the GWA | The Association of Garden Communicators' Conference here in Buffalo this August, and helping with promotion of ALL the 20 garden tours in the area, as well as garden-themed bus tours. I was even a step-on guide for a bus tour this past Monday I want to post about.

Oh, and I'm constantly and consistently prepping my own garden to be shown on tours.

And I have great gardens to show from trips to NYC and Vancouver.

In the meantime, here's a beautifully painted fence in a garden on Sixteenth Street, that is on Garden Walk Buffalo and Gardens Buffalo Niagara's Open Gardens (Thursdays and Fridays in July).

I do post a garden photo a day on Instagram. That's quick & easy. You can find me there at instagram.com/jimcharlier


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