Flower Eaves

I've never seen eaves as pretty as the ones on this building in Rome. When we were there last, my wife dragged us off the beaten path just to show me this building, her favorite in Rome. I previously had never been keen on artwork on the outside of a house. Not that I don't think it's a good idea, it's the permanence that would bother me. I don't think I could decide on one definitive piece of art to last for time immemorial.

This entire building is themed with flowers fruits & vegetables. In addition, there are many balconies with plants and plantings along the base of the building. Makes for one complete, beautiful package.

Do you have artwork on the outside if your house? Would you? Could you?

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  1. Where in Rome is this building. I'd like to see it if I ever get back there.

  2. Wow, Jim, I've never seen that before! I would paint something on the barn doors, some flowers, and I keep saying I'm going to 'one of these days'. But so far, not.

  3. James,
    The house is on teh corner of Via dei Gracchi and Via Virginio, just down from the Hotel Rome NH Leonardo da Vinci. Here's a link to the google map:

    Same here. I've got a big blank spot on the front of my house that's just screaming (I think) for a big piece of public art. Low on the budgetary & priority list to be sure.

  4. That's really pretty. A lot of hard work went into that. Any idea how long ago it was painted?
    No artwork on our house. If I ever have the potting shed I want, I think a few small painted flowers could be pretty.

  5. I think a secondary building is good for some decorative painting, but I tend to think not for the house proper.

  6. I don't know why there isn't more "house art." People get so boring when it comes to painting their homes, most of the time. On our street, it's all grey, beige, and white. Snooooooooooooooooooooore. I keep waiting for someone to get a little more creative. Pistachio? Tangerine? Come one, people! Or even the eaves, a nice idea. Maybe I'll put a few sunflowers on mine!

  7. Catherine,
    I have no idea how old it is, but being Rome, I assume it's over 100 years old, maybe older.

    I think the right thing on a house can be cool. I remember seeing one house in the 'hood that had a silhouette of a wolf, wearing a scarf, baying at the moon. THAT would be an example of a bad choice.

    I can't say we have Caribbean-style colors here in Buffalo, but we have a healthy dose of Victorian-era colors– back when homeowners would show off their wealth by numbers of, and unique colors used on house exteriors. Paint those sunflowers!

  8. I think it's stunning! Thank you for the link to the location.

    I would love to have art outside, besides "garden art" in the the flower gardens. I think the Italian home is suited for the art. I like what works with architecture and seems perfectly suited. My eaves (English Cottage inspired) wouldn't look right painted with sunflowers.



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