The Prayer Tree

Growing every week at our church is this Prayer Tree. Each week, we're given a strip of cloth, a "prayer cloth," on which to write a prayer. Or, just "rub" your prayers into the cloth. Then, after the sermon, or some other part of the service, we're invited to walk up to the alter and "tie one on" so to speak.

My wife wanted to bring in a stuffed partridge to place unobtrusively in the tree so she could sing, well, you know.

It's part of our community aspect of prayer. Last week, red strips were added and made the tree look like it was in bloom. I don't know what the plans are for the tree, it was to be up only for the month of January. It may get moved to another location, or the prayer cloths might get used in another project by the Sunday School kids.

No guarantees, nor proof that, the prayers are realized, but it sure was nice to walk into a building in winter to find a colorful tree inside that grew weekly.

The 1892 building has an invaluable collection of stained glass created by master stained-glass-designer John LaFarge and rare windows created by Tiffany Studios.


  1. Beautiful tree. I personally believe God does answer prayer but often not the way we'd like. I guess this is God's way of "growing" us.

  2. Now there's something completely different!

  3. Grace, Aunt Debbi, Jan,
    It is a more beautiful, cooler and more different tree than any I've seen recently. But recently, all I've seen are dormant trees playing dead.

  4. I got a kick out of y'all's sense of humor in this post...particularly your wife's idea about the stuffed partridge.
    Thanks for my laugh of the day.

    Jon at Mississippi Garden


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