A garden to follow

The Buffalo News will be following the preparations of Garden Walk Gardeners Jennifer & Jim Guercio, as they prepare their THREE gardens for the 15th annual Garden Walk Buffalo. News writer Anne Neville interviewed Jennifer & Jim last week, in May. She'll do follow-up articles in June and July, in anticipation of the Walk on Saturday and Sunday, July 25 & 26.

Jennifer and Jim have one of the most popular gardens on Garden Walk. Their grand Victorian home has a grand Victorian garden that's been highlighted in local and national magazines. They even dress up in home-made Victorian garb to greet visitors. I posted about their dog's "poo" corner of their garden.

Jennifer & Jim being photographed for Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living magazine.

Better Homes & Gardens has photographed the front yard to be used in an issue in the future (see my post about the photo shoot here). Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living has photographed their back yard to be used in an upcoming issue (see my post about that photo shoot here). The garden is featured in Buffalo marketing materials for the Convention & Visitors Bureau and little slices of it have even been spotted, uncredited, in Garden Gate magazine.

Click to link to the actual video.

The Buffalo News
has even filmed a little video that can be seen on their website, with Jennifer talking about one of the homes she's preparing for the Walk. They have their home and two rental properties on the Walk. Click on the video image to the left to take you to the News site to see the clip.


  1. I would really love to do the Garden Walk in Buffalo. My son is working up in PA right now. Hmmm... wonder how far away...


  2. Wow, 3 gardens. Now, that's ambitious. I'd say she's got some lucky renters!

  3. Cameron,
    Please come. Elizabeth of Garden Rant/GardeningWhileIntoxicated and I would love to have you here for a visit. You'll never see a greater variety of creative gardens urban anywhere.

    She does have lucky renters. I've been to each garden and they suit the homes. It's a lot of work.

  4. Wow! They are my kind of landlords! I sure hope I can make it to Spring Fling in Buffalo next year, looks like you guys have a lot to see.

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  6. Yes, their backyard pergola and pond is one of my favorites on the walk, and I never miss it. There was another garden on Allen that I always loved - but the couple has sense moved, and I wonder if the new owner will ever love it the same as they did.


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