Wicked Amy

Amy Stewart, of Garden Rant and Dirt by Amy Stewart, comes to town this week, on Wednesday, to promote her book, Wicked Plants. She'll be hosted by the bookstore down the street, Talking Leaves (appropriate name, no?).

She'll be appearing at Urban Roots Community Garden Center. Urban Roots is the country's first garden center cooperative. And I'm a part owner, along with 515 other part owners.

I'm also on the marketing committee of Urban Roots, so I've helped a bit in promoting the event. Which means I helped send out press releases,, secured a small blurb in a gardening column of the Buffalo News, promoted the talk in Garden Walk Buffalo literature and will be there early to set up chairs. I'll also help set up a table of the poisonous plants the nursery already has for sale. I had to forward them a list, as even they did not know some of the plants they had were potentially harmful. Elizabeth of Gardening While Intoxicated and Garden Rant must have worked her magic to get a review of the book in Sunday's Buffalo News.

I finished Wicked Plants last week. I am now officially afraid to go outside. I'll also never eat any plant material for the rest of my natural life. I can live on burgers alone I think. From carnivorous cows. Eating cows that eat plants is too dangerous. That's how Abraham Lincoln's mother died.

Actually, I feel even MORE comfortable outside, knowing that most of what I have in my garden is relatively harmless. And I now have more knowledge of the few potentially harmful plants I do have. It's a great read, as she only included plants that had a great ghastly story behind it, or had a death tally.

I'll be there on Wednesday, and I'll have my camera. Stop back on Thursday!

You've got to check out the trailer for the book. It's pretty funny. Stay until after the credits. It's wickedly cute.


  1. Jim thanks for sharing - loved Flower Confidential & looks like this is a winning book as well. With the inlaws scheduled to show up in June, it's nice to have a fantasy or two on what I might serve for dinner.....

  2. Barabarapc,
    Well, aren't YOU wicked! I would suggest a nice snakeroot salad then.

  3. Interesting, to say the least. At first I was thinking, oh, technical stuff--boring. Not so now, although I am a little worried about the monkshood absorbing into my skin. I mean, I know better than to eat the wicked thing but a transdermal poisoning is just beyond wicked.

  4. Grace,
    Yeah, I'm not too worried about me, or even my daughter, about chewing on unfamiliar greens. Cripes, with her, it's hard enough to get her to eat known vegetables.


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