One benefit of not having grass, and having all perennials in the front yard is, I haven't been out there yet to do anything. No mowing, weeding or watering.


Three weeks ago

Four weeks ago.

Five weeks ago.

Six years ago.


  1. WoW! What an amazing metamorphosis - for the yard, at least. I wouldn't know about the people! It's amazing how a few warm weeks will ignite spring transformation! Looks great!

  2. Jim .. now that is a beauiful front GARDEN ! I am working on getting rid of grass but some how husband is clinging to the bit of front lawn we have .. I would say it is a "guy thing" but apparently not ? LOL .. beautiful and lush, a step in the garden for life direction indeed !

  3. That is lush. I love how that looks. People must enjoy walking past your house.

  4. You're not kidding, LUSH. You've got amazing design acumen. It looks so inviting.

  5. Pam,
    Thanks. The little one has transformed over the years. Her mom, not so much.

    Thanks. Wouldn't your husband be happier if the front garden was yours to tend from now on? As opposed to weekly mowing, fertilizing, fighting dandelions and watering.

    Thanks. People do stop to admire. I can see them from my office window. Sometimes I catch snippets of conversations. Or, I've found toddlers (and their parents) walking the paths as the parents tell them to look, smell but do not touch.

    Amazing design acumen? I guess you'd have to see it in person to see how chaotic it actually is. But I may use your quote as a testimonial anyway.

  6. I can't help but reply to your comment again Jim .. all he has to do is mow the small area .. he has a company do all the rest of it .. the one part I hate is the aeration .. those plugs scattered evry where look like dogiir doo doo ? LOL

  7. My hubby has always been happy to convert any grassy area to a flower garden. "Dig it once and you never have to mow it again" is what he always says.

  8. wow, what a great garden design! what a motivation for me to get out there and fix my front paths! i'm glad i visited. thanks.

  9. Did you get anything new and exciting at Lockwoods?

  10. It looks so much more interesting and I'll bet the bikers actually walk by as in the last photo.

  11. I love seeing the transition photos, amazing!

  12. Mo'Nature's Garden,
    Your husband is apparently a sustainability sage, concerned with the value of the planet. Or lazy.

    Great garden design? Not really here. It evolved over four years and stopped when I ran out of bricks. Don't tell anyone.

    I commented back on your site about what I bought - it was everything for boxes and baskets, which seems to grow every year.

    Well, not all the bikers walk their bikes by. These models stopped because there was a camera, not a garden.

    I'm a sucker for before and after photos too.

  13. It's beautiful - I can't wait til I can count on mine to provide as much coverage. Love love love the dedication you have to this, your love of gardening, and the blog. I just found you - but going back through older posts - this is really fantastic!


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