Canned cannabis and the Amsterdam Flower Market

Back a couple years ago, on another barge trip, from Amsterdam to Bruges, we had a day to spend in Amsterdam. We spent an hour or two walking around the Flower Market enjoying the sights and marveling at the different options for purchasing your cannabis products.

Tulips made of wood. When lit, they smoke, but you can't smoke 'em.

Cannabis Starter Kits came shrink-wrapped, in boxes and in cans (3 for 10 euro!) sold alongside other paraphernalia--pots; softball-sized bulbs; fake, live & dried flowers; books; posters; tools and so on.

All cannabis was in seed form for planting--not good for anything else. Not exportable.

The flower market was a psychedelic blur of colors and smelled great, but we didn't inhale.

Awesome selections with even better names--Shiva, Orange Skunk, Early Skunk, Silver Haze, Jack Horror, Hindu Kush, Purple Power, Dutch Hope, Skunk #1, White Widow.

The dried-flower ceilings were beautiful. Good place to dry your herbs.

Most bulbs sold here were exportable to other countries, though last time we bought tulip bulbs, in some great jewel tones, they all came up yellow. Buyer beware...

The basket on the left was dried moss. Just add water!

Softball-sized bulbs.

The orchids were orching.

They look good enough to eat, if you had the munchies.


  1. I've never been to a flower market - do they even have any like that here in the U.S.? Impressive displays.

  2. I saw a recent news feature on the Netherlands' shall we say relaxed attitude towards cannabis culture. It's certainly another world.

    The bulb displays look lush, and I hope you brought me back a few of those amaryllis bulbs.

  3. I luv it when orchids are orching. The dried flower ceiling is wonderful. And, of course, you did not inhale:)

  4. Phillip,
    I've never seen anything like this in the U.S. Hey you should start one!

    Cannabis culture relaxed? That's an understatement. No amaryllis bulbs this time, sorry. They did have some awesome amaryllis displays though.

    I was attracted to the dried flower ceiling myself.

  5. This was an interesting post. I would love to visit a flower market like that - the dried flower ceiling was beautiful. I just discovered your blog and will visit again. Thanks!

  6. Whoa, baby! I'm trippin' just looking at the pictures...

  7. Deborah,
    Visit as often as you like. I'd love to see a flower market like that in my own city. Maybe after I've made Buffalo the garden mecca of the East Coast...

    Dude, relax, just enjoy the trip.


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