Martha Sewart Radio has a new gardening blog. And it's not always pretty.

Photo by Stacey Hirvella
Sometimes it's even gross. Martha Stewart Radio has launched a new garden blog -- At Home in the Garden -- a spin-off of the Martha Stewart Radio Blog which covered way more than just gardening. But, just a warning, it can be sometimes be ugly.

The container garden on the MSL rooftop in NYC.
So far, they've covered blossom-end-rot; spiders; and hopelessly-tangled, tumbleweed-looking garden hoses. Yeah, they cover other cute & pretty stuff, like bunnies, clever use of morning glories, some flower arranging and even the benefits of turkey vultures (not to the benefit of the bunnies). But I can more relate to hose frustration, spiders that build the same web in the same place overnight (every night), and stupid tomatoes with blossom-end-rot.

One of the contributors, Stacey Hirvella, a Senior Associate Garden Editor for Martha Stewart Living, was here for Garden Walk Buffalo this year. The site launched the week she got back to NYC from Buffalo. There's three other contributors -- Andrew Beckman, Tom Borgses, and Tony Bielaczyc -- all with serious garden credentials beyond their experience with MSL. And the best part of having four contributors is -- new posts every day -- a feat nearly impossible for and individual blogger (with a their own business, family, friends, travel, and on many community non-profit boards & groups).
Stacey, with my daughter, on the MSL rooftop garden.

There's even a great post titled, Gardening is Contagious that mentions Garden Walk Buffalo and has photos Stacey took while here! Check it out! My wife & daughter visited the MSL studios while on a recent trip to NYC and took these photos on their rooftop garden. They came back with tales of prop rooms photographers dream about and pet frogs found in purchased plants & foods. Told you it wasn't pretty there.

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  1. I'm not a bit MS fan but am glad she's letting a little ugly into her empire. It's what we deal with daily, right? All the struggles that make the successes taste that much sweeter. Actually, that's a beautiful photo of the rotten tomato!

  2. Let's face it, gardening is not always a bed of roses (or a bed of tomatoes) and the sun does not shine on your garden all the time. Knowing what to expect could give us the opportunity to devise solutions and find alternatives to avoid the pitfalls of gardening.

  3. Thanks for this tip! I will check it out.


  4. Thanks, Jim. It takes a gardener to open with my nasty blossom end rot photo! The blogging thing is really rewarding but it is a boatload of work.


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