Natural Bonsai in post-industrial Buffalo, a kayak ride through time...

Tree growing from a pylon in the Buffalo River.
While out for a pleasant day of kayaking, we came across these former pier pylons sporting their own ecosystem. Each was growing different plant, or combination of plants. From a distance, they looked like they were purposely planted. I guess they were, if the occasional bird or wind blew some seeds this way. You can debate whose plan that is.

Egads! that might be purple loosestrife!
The intrepid assistant groundskeeper coming upon the USS Little Rock. They don't stand a chance against her.
The Buffalo Fire Department's Edward M. Cotter fire boat, built in 1900. It is considered to be the oldest active fireboat in the world and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1996.
Lots of abandoned factories and grain silos along the route.
The reason why Buffalo smells like Cheerios on a pleasant day.


  1. Great photos of the ships and grain silos. Scary for the camera, me I would have lost it for sure. Purple loose strife, that plant grows anywhere. I have an image from the trip to the falls of it growing in the side of the stone bridge, 40 feet in the air. It amazed me. Took so many shots of it and its companions, and showed one in the slideshow. I could not figure how it could hang on, let alone get there in the first place.

  2. A wonderful and different view of Buffalo~When we passed some of the grain elevators on the tour; I wondered what the city has planned for them. gail

  3. I love all the views of Buffalo! And trees do grow in amazing places. When I visited the Berkhsire Botanical Garden this summer I admired the huge and old ash tree whose roots grow around an enormous boulder where the seed first took root in a crevice. Amazing. So is loosestrife. Yikes.


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