Cinder planters

Seen on the Blackrock/Riverside Tour of Gardens here in Buffalo, this seems like an easy (and cheap) spring afternoon project -- cinder blocks as planters. Here they're laid out simply. I could see staining them with cement stain to add color, stacking them creatively, or buying some of the larger, more unique-colored cinder block options out there. I keep photos like this in a file called "Garden Ideas" though I'd be better off filing them under, "Things I'll Never Get To."


  1. I saw this recently on tv. I've been thinking of using cinderblocks to plant in. Awesome idea.

  2. I like the idea of using the halo blocks as a replacement to pot. That's a brilliant idea huh! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting idea.I also have a fat file of gardening ideas that I most likely will never get around to...makes me a little sad. Maybe I should get busy and do more work in the garden instead of just collecting the ideas. lol


  4. I couldn't find it until now, but here's a link to a great cinder-block planter:

    I've decided that this is the summer of garden ideas. I usually take on a huge multi-weekend project each year. This summer, I'm gonna do a whole bunch of afternoon projects, this one is right up there.

  5. I love this idea. It reminds me ofthe tiles I saw planted at Urban Roots last July.

  6. It actually doesn't look too bad :)


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