Green Waterfalls

That's what a building with great foliage looks like to me -- a green waterfall. We don't get to see too many buildings like these in the states -- too much damageable wood & other construction materials. But here in Rome, buildings are nearly indestructible. Photo on top is a hotel that, I'm told, has a great bar on the roof. Below is a restaurant and a random balcony.


  1. It looks great - I love it. My home is also already half covered :)

  2. Wow, that green wall is beautiful. I wonder if it attracts a lot of bugs. I saw your post on my blog about your Amaryllis growing only leaves and no flowers. What a bummer. What causes that? Did you keep the bulb to try to get it to bloom again next year?

  3. Delphine,

    I love the look of vine-covered homes but sadly, it would wreak havoc on my wooden clap-board & shingled house.

    Don't know about bugs -- that's a good questions. Maybe all the spiders you'd find in it would kill the bugs? I hate to think about it.

    My amaryllis is just a bunch of big leaves. I've been told to cut it back after it seems to have hit a peak and then plant it in my spring garden. At the end of the season, next fall, I'll dig it up, bring it on for a chill then break it out again and maybe I'll have a flower stalk next year.

  4. looks great and make this different from others. But I am afraid of insects, worms and snakes :P . Is this style having those problems free?

    Thanks for sharing


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