Hugemungous Amaryllis in the making

I can't imagine that any stalk/flower combo will not topple this precariously large amaryllis. Niece Kristy got it for me for Christmas – so it's not even two months old. It appears to be growing to ginormous proportions. I'll have to either place it on the floor, or raise the ceilings, when the flower stalk appears. Never having grown one before, I don't know what to expect. If size matters, then it'll be impressive.

Here it was on January 22.
And here it was just after Christmas.


  1. Oh wow, it's going to be spectacular. I just planted two bulbs, I hope they get as large as your amaryllis! Keep us posted.

  2. Looks like you got one on steroids.

  3. meemsnyc & GWGT,
    I am told that the flower stalk usually emerges first and that, since it didn't, I should not expect a flower on it this year. Damn!


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