Four Garden Walk Buffalo gardens in national gardening magazine

McKay Putnam Street Garden
The 2012 issue of Great Backyards magazine is out and it features 95 gardens from around the country, including these four from Garden Walk Buffalo:
Putnam Street garden of Phoebe & Bruce McKay
Bidwell Parkway garden of Hilary & Matt Turco
Lancaster Avenue garden of Corinne & Steve Curvin
Delavan Avenue the garden of Jennifer & Jim Guercio

There are also smaller photos used throughout the book of Buffalo gardens used to demonstrate garden design tips & tricks, including: 399 Summer Street, 37 & 42 Fifteenth Street, and 801 West Ferry Street.

The magazine, distributed nationally, is published annually by Country Collectables, by Harris Publications based in New York, New York. Its editor, Barbara Ballinger attended Garden Walk Buffalo in 2010 as a guest of Visit Buffalo Niagara.

In her letter from the editor about garden trends she includes, "sharing," of which she writes, "Nowhere did I see the notion of sharing come alive more than on my first visit to Buffalo's annual residential Garden Walk Buffalo this past July."

McKay Putnam Street Garden
All photography was taken by and donated to Garden Walk for its use to publicize Garden Walk Buffalo in the national media by Don Zinteck of Photographics 2, the patron saint of Garden Walk Buffalo's quality imagery.

All four articles include an interview with the gardener/owner, specific ideas every gardener can use from their garden, a "behind the Scenes" list of challenges, solutions, special features and main plants, as well as our zone information (always invaluable to the readers from around the country).
Thanks always go out to the 370+ gardeners of Garden Walk Buffalo that make their city look good - whether it's in magazines or walking by on the sidewalk!

The magazine can be found wherever large displays of magazines can be found -- including area bookstores and Wegmans.

Guercio Delavan Avenue garden
Turco Bidwell Parkway garden


  1. The gardens are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

  2. We've always known, now the rest of thew world will too.Congratulations!

  3. I see your blog for the first time and I love it. It's wonderfull
    Many thanks for all idea you give me
    I'm really happy to meet you
    And I come soon

  4. ... & with thee 4th-WARMEST-Winter on record NATIONALLY-&-HERE, in thee Bflo./Niagara region, just-WAIT-'til THIS yr.'s "Garden Walk!"

  5. Donna,
    Didn't know you were blogging here in WNY -- I've added you to my sidebar! Thanks.

    Hopefully the rest of the world already knows somewhat, Garden Walk Buffalo gardens have appeared in more than 40 national publications!

    Thank you for visiting. Come back again soon!

    The warm winter may not have benefitted the plants though - Sally Cunningham, the local plant guru, tells me that plants really need their deep-freeze winter sleep in order to thrive.


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