An internationally-renowned hosta author visited me and all I got was this lousy gnome

A well-known hosta expert, on two continents, and author of three books on hostas (Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas, The New Encyclopedia of Hostas, and The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas) was over to the house and was all excited to have me open a gift he found, with me in mind, to add to my collection of treasured garden art.

I should have known. When opening it, his wife was disavowing any responsibility in the selection of the gift and said it was specifically from her husband and not her - she brought alcohol. (She, herself, is also the author of a book - The Book of Little Hostas).

Apparently the look on my face of receiving a small, plastic, dopey-looking gnome, holding a hoe and flower, was exactly the reaction for which he was looking. I might add that both husband and wife are helping to plan and organize a garden art sale/hosta show/plant society education event in June. I now question his ability to participate in the vetting of vendor booth artists.

As for the gnome? Not sure if he'll find a spot in my garden -- possibly in the Harry Potter Garden, maybe he'll work his way into my garden travels. I know that gnomes are not allowed at the Chelsea Flower show, maybe he'll wind up there for a photo shoot in the future.

I think I'll name him Shadrack.


  1. I'm not fond of little statues in the garden but I must say he looks like an exceptionally well made garden gnome.

  2. I think Shadrack is cute. He might enjoy a trip to the UK.

  3. Kaveh,
    He's well made but small - - only about six inches tall. Not too imposing in a garden. I'm afraid he'd get lost.

    Funny you should say that. The full-size Shadrack, Michael, is in the UK as I write this. They should be spending some quality time together.

  4. I like the idea of taking him with you on trips and inserting him into the local scene when you take a photo. Too bad he's not inflatable!

  5. Ms. Wis
    I believe the real Shadrack is inflatable.


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