Mexican home in a garden

I wish this were MY dining room. Another home we visited in Mexico was so well integrated into its garden you went from one to another seamlessly. Once you walk through the garden to get to the house, you look through the house to this pretty patio dining room. With a hammock. Every dining room should have a hammock.

Just steps from the Sayulita beach (many steps, all uphill) starts this garden path along a hillside. The owner, a former children's television host from Seattle, was happy to show us around. He's worked for years on the garden -- but his sister is telling him he should tear most of out and start all over! Sisters can be cruel. You can see her garden here.

The outdoor dining room, seen from the inside dining room.
The path to the house. It's also the "hallway" between
this house and the owner's sister's house just below.
Close to the house, the plantings fill up raised beds.
The view of the beach below and Pacific coast.
This home had lots of built-in furniture, both inside and out.

Liked the tree-stump bar stools.
The tile path leading to the house has artwork at every intersection.
Nice graphic railing.
More mosaic art on the path.

Spider mosaic in walkway.

My favorite of the walkway artworks.
Mariposa, the name of his house, if I remember correctly.
Once you've climbed the stairs, the pretty path leads to the house.


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