A deadly and ghoulish garden in Italy...

I've posted a bit about our trip to the Gardens at Trautmansdorff Castle in Merano, Italy. I've been saving up this post for Halloween – they have a poison garden filled with poisoinous plants (many of them common plants!) and the garden art to back up the scary garden.

Behind a closed, and threatening-looking door, beyond a path of blood grass is this garden filled with rough-hewn, weather-worn, garden art worthy of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre set.

Castor bean plants for making one of the world's deadliest poisons, ricin; Oleander; larkspur; monkshood; golden chain, wisteria; yew; nightshade and plenty more deadly and sickening plants make this ghoulish garden.

This garden was put together by Trautmansdorff gardens designers and staff, as are many of the specialty gardens you'll find around this great botanical park. If you get to Italy, and you're a fan of gardens, Trautmansdorff should be on your destination list - and I'm sure it would be a highlight of a trip to Italy. It's teh top tourist destination in this part of Italy (Southern Tyrol–the northern part of Italy–quite near the Austrian border).

Italy does celebrate All Saints Day Ognissanti or Tutti i Santi (November 1) and All Soul's Day Giorno dei Morti (November 2), usually with some tradition regional cookies. Celebrating All Saint's Day eve, or Dolcetto o Scherzetto is really only for the young ones and is a more recently popularized event. By the way, Dolcetto o Scherzetto is their translation for "trick or treat" – which translates more exactly to "dessert or joke."

Happy Halloween!
The tub of gloom. I felt as though I needed a tetanus shot just to walk by this.
Winding paths within an enclosed area made it feel a bit like a haunted house tour.
A rocky horror garden.
Frightening feathered ferric fowl.
Scary stacks of stones called cairns.

Terrible totems of torture.
Gloomy, claustrophobic, arbor of deadly wisteria filled with sticks and stones.
Scary and sick skulls and skeletons.
Do not grow these at home. Unless you already are.
A final resting place perhaps?


  1. Frightening feathered ferric fowl, et al. And you say you are no writer. Really outdid yourself on this post.

    1. Why thank you Sue Knott. That means a lot to me coming from such an accomplished writer such as yourself!


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