A garden curio wall

This past summer I went on a National Garden Festival GObike Buffalo tour of Parkside Neighborhood gardens. Once I'd gotten to this garden, I realized I'd been here before, quite a few years earlier, on the Parkside Garden Tour (worth a click over just to see Tom the 6'3" gnome!) I remembered this wall of antiques and vintage items, old garden tools, mirrors, and other assorted items. It was a great addition to the garden that gets added to every year. There were vintage and found objects posing as art throughout the gardens as well, but the concentration of them on the garage sidewall was the focus of most of the attention. It felt more like a life-sized "shadow box."



  1. Bits and bobs can be overwhelming but this is a cheerful wall. I'm on the lookout for an appropriately framed second-hand mirror to make my garden look bigger than it is.

    1. I think no garden is complete without a mirror!

  2. When I saw the photo on FB I thought you were redecorating your outdoor walls!

  3. I remember that bike ride... the one where you kept butt-dialing me! Actually, I think it was pocket dialing since I heard a lot of heavy breathing too....


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