Succulant frame update

The succulent frame made it through winter, though all the succulents did not. I've had to purchase some and steal some from other parts of my garden to fill out the frame a bit more. There's mostly varieties of hens & chicks. There's a few different sedums too. And one Ice Plant, just for the heck of it. I fully expect to spend a good amount of time trimming things, if some do take off.

I'm going to leave it here on the ground, just below the spot it will hang until the garden tours start visiting. I want them to have as much time to root and make themselves more secure before it gets lifted again. It's heavy - but liftable. I carried it from the basement to outdoors and then from one spot to another by myself (and a handcart).

The frame is going to be hung on the side of my house, below this window.
I built it to be the same width as the window.
Up close you can see the chicken wire and sphagnum moss substructure. I've got them fairly well secured in their by their roots. It took a lot of "massaging" to get some of those big ones in there.


  1. I found your blog via All Things Jennifer - do you have a recommendation for local/Southtowns places to find succulents?

  2. Lockwood's Greenhouses has about teh largest selection going right now. I know Mennes has a decent collection as well. I ordered many of mine online from


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