A Buffalo garden in miniature

This is a model.

I've showed this in progress in a past post here. The model, including garden is now done. My friends Arlan and Dom, long-time Garden Walk Buffalo gardeners (Arlan was the chairperson for five years!) have finished their scale model of their circa 1900 home. 

And it is awesome. The detail is impressive. I cannot imagine the hours they spent on it. I've visited the Minatur Wunderland Hamburg, a model train exhibition that covers multiple floors of a warehouse in Hamburg, Germany. This rivals that in exquisiteness, if not scale.

They're debating on putting it out to be on view during Garden Walk this summer. There's some logistics they'd have to work out - like someone to watch over it for two days. It's too valuable to have someone accidentally damage something.

When it comes to the nearly 400 gardens of Garden Walk Buffalo, I am supposed to be impartial – as a past president myself, and the chair of the marketing committee (handling all the media requests) – but this is my favorite garden, besides my own, of course. But Arlan and Dom are my favorite gardeners. I don't think there's anyone that knows them that would argue with that.

The real life strawberry stairs.
These are their strawberry stairs - they grow them in troughs in each stair.
Anyone have a larger Caddy?
This is real - though it looks so perfect it looks fake, right?
Bird's eye view.
Dom created each stained glass window based on the original.
This is real.
And they even added that one damn dandelion that cannot be gotten rid of.


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