Garden art - a brilliant wine bottle wall

It's Garden Walk Buffalo weekend and garden art projects are being finished up throughout Buffalo as you read this. This bottle wall, in the Richmond Avenue garden of Garden Walk Buffalo Chairperson, Sue Hough Sako, and her husband Miro Sako, is surely going to delight visitors all weekend long.

Balls between bottles
stop water from getting inside.
I talked to Miro about its production last summer, when it was just an idea. He sepent much time, expense and many, many bottles, trying to figure out how to drill through their bottoms. Once he figured that out, construction began.

They are strung on cables, with small balls between each bottle. Sue's an art director and has a great eye and "art directed" the project as it went up. Their daughters help determine what color bottles went where. It's stunning.

I was there early in the morning, so I saw it with lights on. I'll have to go back and get some shots in daylight.

Pinterest is a dangerous thing for creative minds and talented hands.
It's large, and shields their patio form the neighbor's house. The upper light is actually the neighbor's
motion sensor light, but it makes the bottles look pretty good.

They had to drink a lot of wine (and other adult beverages) to get this many bottles.
Creativity is hard.
There are a few bottles with special meaning, some from Miro's "home land."
Looks like a million bucks!


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