VIDEO: My four DIY fountains

I finished it! I started making the "Ever-raining Rain Chain" for the Harry Potter Garden this past winter in the basement. I posted about it here.

It took me a while to get it going. The one water pump I had on hand wasn't strong enough to push the water up the hose for about 12 feet. The next pump I bought sent water in a torrent so fast it went all over the place.

I purchased a pump at a power in between the two, but still had to attach a valve to be able to control the flow, as it was still too strong. Now it's settled. Lesson learned, you have to pay attention to the height flow/strength of the pump.

It adds one more fountain to my collection. I have the fish head scupper fountain attached to the garage; the coral bell copper fountain I made, resting in a bed of colorful coral bells; and the ceramic totem fountain I bought last year at the Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale I help organize.

Each fountain is far enough away from each other that you can hear the differences in sound from each – splosh, gurgle, tinkle, and splash.

And now I have two pumps on hand. The possibilities are starting to keep me up at night!


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