That was then. This is now.

Spring (5/3/08)

Fall (12/4/08)



  1. Hi A of G...
    Don't will come back. Have faith. You know it will:)
    Take care, Jan

  2. I was organizing my photos today (after recovering them from a crashed computer) and had the same feeling. Countdown until spring... we need to make a widget!

    What you said... yes. Me, too. Sigh. :-(


  3. Great winter interest there, buddy. We've got about 5 inches of snow — not quite enough to make the garden look really great but enough for treacherous driving as the temp is 0 degrees: Ugh!

  4. I like the fall photo; the brick patio looks sort of like a map of the united states where the all the interior states have suffered some sort of massive earthquake. Just think of your fall garden as an exiciting temporary art installation.

  5. Thanks42day,
    I know it'll come back, My problem lies not in the fact that it's not green outside, it is that I'm already whining about it and it really hasn't even snowed yet!

    Counting down would only have me focus more on spring. It's really not been bad yet. No accumulated snow so far and we're in the second week of December already. That's good, right?


    Ms, Wis,
    Five inches? We haven't had that much snow to date yet! I like my winter interest better than yours.

    Susan(garden chick),
    It does sorta' look like a U.S. map, with a tree coming from out of Colorado.

  6. I always enjoy seeing the lush and the languid photos. Your bones are very nice.

    Where is all that Buffalo snow we always hear about??

  7. Lisa,
    It came last night. I'll have to update this post. Thanks for the comment about my bones, I'm sure you have nice bones too.

  8. What a contrast! Mine went from fall colors to snow right away, with some flowers frozen in place. I like the snow cover on the bare stuff...looks so clean. (Plus I gat a "forced hiatus" from gardening cuz' the ground is frozen. I dig the break, pun intended :)

  9. lisa,
    There's a wee bit of snow covering the front garden now, but just enough to cover the dirt, not the plants. I agree, still looks better with snow than without.


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