I have a forsythia idea...

I'm not a big fan of forsythia. Too garish yellow. I think they look best when they're planted in large quantities.

My neighbor has a lonely half-formed bush. It does look great against the black house. But if it were mine? I'd do some creative clipping and find a nice metal base to wrap around the bottom of it. For now, I only have Photoshop to depend on, since I don't have a forsythia myself.


  1. You could sneak over and do it...

  2. And I'll be right behind you egging you on.

  3. Looks great! Who doesn't loved a giant lightbulb by the front door?

  4. Teddy/Al/Sandy/ExWife,
    They're always home. I'd get caught.

    I'd let you go first.

    Phallic? Really? You get phallic from that? You've got a low-phallic threshold.

    Easier to see at night when trying to get the key in the lock.

    I got a million of 'em!

  5. Love it. Bright idea. Hahaha



  6. I really like your idea, Jim and would love to come across something like this in the landscape! I also really love Forsythias, but NOT as foundation plantings. They get much to large and are also deciduous. Rather, I prefer them in masses out in a natual setting, where they are quite beautiful! Also love them in vases indoors any time! Happy Spring!

  7. LOL! Ok, I was wrong - I do like clipped Forsythia, but only if it's done as you suggest.

  8. Ya know, with that red door, it ain't so bad.

  9. Brilliant! If they have a black house, maybe you can make them see the light (ahem). I agree about the low-phallic threshold; he hasn't seen some of our sculptures ...

  10. Elspeth,
    The puns, oh, the puns...

    Pam Kersting,
    I'm with you. In larger quantities -- especially around other spring flowering trees and bushes -- they look great. One scraggly-lookin' bush in a yard looks dejected and only looks good for two weeks a year.

    Mr.McG's Daughter,
    You were wrong? And it's in writing? I have to tell my wife that a woman can be wrong. She doesn't believe me. She told me you all have a code to never admit it.

    Black house, red door, yellow forsythia. It works -- for about two weeks. Then it reverts to a massive black hole with a red door.

    Ms. Wiz,
    On their black house, all trim & shutters are black as well. I've seen black house done well. This? Well, it's what they like. I'm sure you have a high-phallic threshold at Each Little World. But I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

    Thanks. Photoshop is my friend.

  11. I have a forsythia in my city garden that I've pruned into a small tree shape, to make it fit better in the small space. It looks beautiful spring through fall, and I like tinkering with the shape, and keeping it tidy. I do have to say that by shaping a forsythia a lot you don't get many flowers in early spring, which I do miss.

  12. You know how you wish you'd never hit on a website - well, this is one of them. Forsythia are "garish"? They belong in a "natural" setting? They look terrible after flowering? Graceful boughs of green leaves , and, if two planted six feet apart, make an excellent arbor. Espaliered forsythia are also wonderful. "Garish"? The background on this page is black.

    1. Same "Anonymous." Sorry about that. Just delete my uncalled-for comment.


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