Chelsea - Eureka! A science & production themed garden

This Garden, designed by Marcus Barnett features plants used for their beauty & utility. The pants in this garden have medicinal, commercial or industrial uses. It was created in coordination with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The design theme was plant cell structure -- made of recycled plastics and sustainably-sourced lumber. Some of the plants included were  foxgloves (used for cardiac care), geraniums (used as a diuretic and kidney issues), and roses (used in the cosmetics & drinks industries).

The one take-away that I thought was interesting was the lumber used around the hedge that surrounds the garden. It was superfluous, but helped carry the design theme used in the path pavers, and pavilion, and made you look at the taxus hedge differently.
The lumber outlining shapes in the hedge incorporated the hedge into the design more.
Otherwise, it would have been just an invisible background to the garden.
Like the path & pond consistency.
The pavilion carried the cellular plant structure theme. Definitely a garden for a scientist.


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