The little red barn garden

Another gem on the KenTon Garden Tour was this small lot dominated by this red barn shed. I especially like the cupola and weather vane on top. Nice touch.

The welcoming front garden was impressive on its own. It drew you in with the great plantings
but the narrow gateway and long path definitely let you know that you were entering a private space.

The border gardens were nicely laid out and punctuated with garden art.
Nice, right? Here the borders are river rock. Other spots in the garden had stacked stone,
still others had bricks. The patio was stamped concrete. They would seem like a mishmash
but seemed deliberate to define different themes or areas of the garden.
Nice place to sit and watch the cows come home to the barn each night.
Didn't see any cows, but still, a gin & tonic here would be nice.
Great plant selections height-wise.
This gardener knows how to place a plant. great plant-to-lawn ratio here.
Well done. I could take a lesson in garden editing form this gardener. Liking the domino effect of the brick border.


  1. Talk about neat as a pin! He must vacuum the dust and leaves from the river rock - a great look when it's kept as nicely as it is here.

    p.s.How about this weather? Doesn't look like there will be any snow on either side of the lake any time soon.

  2. I'm sure it's all prepped and pretty for garden tours coming through.

    And the weather? Crazy. Today it's 49 and gray -- just like me.

  3. Nicely done garden. I like seeing the photos from garden walks that I haven't visited yet. I may have to step out of my Buffalo/Southtowns pattern and head north this summer.

  4. What a pretty garden... wouldn't mind resting there a spell! Larry


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