A nicely tailored garden

This was one of those gardens where I didn't know where to look first. It was filled with so many great ideas. It was on the KenTon garden tour here in Buffalo, sort of an older first-ring "suburb" of the city. It was one of the first gardens on the tour I visited. It was edited, manicured and tailor-made to how the owners use the yard. Not a lot of space, but a lot going on in it.

Like the sconces on the fence, with coordinated lights in the flower beds. This garden was part
of the nighttime KenTon Garden Tour, which, I'm told, devolved into a traveling party, as they are wont to do.
Great plant selection. Why, oh why, does my garden not look like this? It does in my head!
Not only is this the party patio, it's also the driveway.
Who says artwork has to hang indoors?
Some pot-on-pot action going on here. Nice idea.

Plants in pots big and small, artwork, pretty stained fence, hanging baskets. Doesn't make you miss a yard.
This is a family that REALLY uses their backyard.
To the right of this great pink display is a full bar/lounge area.
Great dining room buffet.
Outdoor dining room -- the white tubing across the front at the top
of the photo is a misting system. Yes, it gets hot in Buffalo.


  1. "The tailored garden" is an innovative way to describe this colorful garden with no lawn grass.
    It's design is an inspiration to urban dwellers and first tier suburban gardeners.
    "First tier suburb" is another innovative term that describes exactly where I live. Thank you for that concept.

  2. These colors are just a bit too shocking for a gray Chicago Day. But I enjoyed meandering through some of your older Travel Posts: completely agree about that Chelsea Bridal Garden.

  3. They have certainly found ways to get in more plants. Great ideas.

  4. Thank you for this post. As someone who lives within a confined space that must do multiple duties I love to see how others have are enjoying & using there choices.

  5. Allan,
    "First tier suburb," or "first ring suburb" is the PC term for old suburbs that have been absorbed into a city's embrace around here. And as for tailored gardens, it seemed to fit this garden. It's tight, controlled and designed very specifically -- from plant choices to furniture to artwork. I was going to go with "bespoke" but that sounded too stuffy for this garden!

    Thanks for looking through the old garden travel posts. I often wonder if they're visited at all. These colors look great -- we've just hit the gray days here in Buffalo ourselves. Up to now it's been blue skies and no snow!

    Sherlock Street,
    More plants the better. But somehow they have at the same time shown restraint and good editing. Two aspects my garden may never sadly see.

    Confined urban spaces are my area of interest, having one myself!


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