My garden Christmas gift wish list

A greenhouse made from Legos.
Okay, I've posted what cool, fun & funky garden items I've wanted for the past two years, 2010 (the year of the Venus Flytrap Chair) and 2009 (top of list, a gingko mobile). I haven't gotten a single item. I realize that I make the list too close to Christmas, usually the week before Christmas. This year, as a favor to you, I will be accepting Christmas gifts way in to March. I'm a realist, I know Lego greenhouses probably take some time to assemble.

Shovel birdhouses. Kills two birds with one...  oh well, never mind.
A Woody Rug.
A trellis chair.
A hose cactus.
The perfect outdoor sink.
Land shark
A wearable Hummingbird feeder. This is totally awesome.
Spade stool

Artificial turf, no-mow pillows. No pitchfork bench with ax handles would be complete without them.
A lawn chair. Whoever thought this up is a genius.
Custom photo pots. It comes with your own photos on them. For me, I'd have to find a curly gray plant to be accurate.


  1. Where did you find these creative gifts? They really are fun items. That sink is a keeper.

  2. What a wonderful collection! There is a definite business opportunity here. Everyone of those brought a smile.

  3. Great finds. Thanks for inspiring us!

  4. GWGT,
    I fond these all over the place as I browse (mostly design sites) throughout the year. I know collect them on Pinterest (

    I would love to sell such clever items to gardeners! I already have a career and frankly can't do another.


  5. this is the cutest christmas list ever!!!! love it!


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