Canada loves us...

Last summer, Visit Buffalo Niagara hosted three Canadian garden writers - inviting them to Buffalo to enjoy and become aware of all that is gardening and good in the area. One of the writers was Rob Howard, a writer for the Canada's Hamilton Spectator. This past weekend, Rob's story was published. A year in the making, it could not have been better timed for Garden Walk Buffalo, happening in less than two weeks (thanks Rob!).

Here are a few of the effusive things Rob had to say:

"Garden Walk Buffalo it is something that all gardeners should see and experience before we head off to the great back yard in the sky."

"...Buffalo was, well, terrific. And I learned a whole lot, in one long hot summer day, about a concentration of some of the most interesting, funkiest, colourful, imaginative, made-on-a-shoestring gardens you can see anywhere. Oh yes, they’re beautiful, as well."

"It’s the work of Olmsted, of famed conservatory designers Lord & Burnham and a botanist/plant-explorer named John F. Cowell, who packed the place (Buffalo's Botanical Gardens)with exotic specimens. The building is based on the famous Crystal Palace and Kew Gardens Palm House in England. When it was built in 1897-1899, it was one of the largest public greenhouses in the U.S."

"Garden Walk Buffalo co-chair Jim Charlier, who last summer escorted us through many of the gardens that would be open two weekends later, said “There’s no criteria for entry other than to be in the defined area of the walk and to agree to not sell things during the event. There are no master gardeners, no landscapers, nursery professionals or horticulturists. It’s just people that enjoy gardening.”

Read the full article here.


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