Steve's shade garden

Where Steve sits to watch his garden grow.
One of the best seats on Garden Walk Buffalo,
not that anyone sits during the Walk!
My neighbor Steve has a very colorful garden with nary a flower in it. His garden is dappled shade and filled with hostas (from extra large to miniature) and coral bell, mostly. There are a few flowers here and there, but they are not the highlight of the garden.

Steve's garden can be seen on Garden Walk Buffalo and on the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens Thursdays (check the link for location and open hours.

His house is only about five houses away from mine, and every time I visit it, I am startled by the massive number of plants in the small space and the variation on the color green throughout the yard. He's got a keen sense of color, texture and placement of plants. As with any Buffalo-style garden, there's artwork incorporated into the garden, garden art and some found or "repurposed" art, as well as the occassional fossil to look for.

There are many larger and splashier gardens on the Walk (there's 384 this year!) but this one is one of my favorites. Don't tell the others.


  1. Jim, This is a lovely you said, he does have "a keen sense of color, texture and placement of plants". I think I am ready for a garden this size. gail

  2. Love the combination of hostas and heucheras. Wish my shade garden wasn't open to the deer, would love to add hostas. Have lots of ferns and some heuchera. 384 gardens on the walk is incredible!

  3. How beautiful. I love how textural and cool his garden looks.

  4. Gail, I've read your comments over the years about downsizing - go for it! You'll love the challenge!

    Janet, Yeah,Hosts is deer candy. Our hosta have no natural predators save slugs & hail!

    Esther, 'Repurposed' art is just another way of saying "there's an old something sitting in your garden that would otherwise be in the trash.'

    Ruth, I think he sits in those chairs a lot contemplating how and where his next texture/color/pattern works in.

  5. I'm really liking the lack of flowers in this garden. Yet so colorful.


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