Another Hamburg Garden

This is Marg's garden. It was one of the many gardens open during the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk in July. It was also open for the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens on Thursday and Fridays from the end of June though July. There were swaths of lushly planted areas surrounding a large grass yard steps down from the house and patios. The yard is bordered by the house, the garage, a creek and woods to the back - it is a very private and secluded.

Each bed has it's own personality, like Marg was experimenting with plants and layouts n each. I didn't check too throughout, but I would assume she's got it pretty well stuffed with plants for successive blooms for color throughout the seasons. There were plenty of smaller details, like the photo below. Or the last photo, of a really great planted birdbath.

Next year, you should really check out her garden during Open Gardens. There are a few other Open Gardens in her area, making the trip to Hamburg worth it, especially if you grab lunch down that way.



  1. I like. The front and backs are different to respond to different characters of the house, too, in addition to different uses. I like that all the bling isn't put out front.

  2. Swimray,
    I'd say! The front looks like a well done, but controled use of shrubs, hedges mulch and finished edges, a contrast to the rustic, lived-in look of parts of the back. Some of the beds bordering the woods were even more forest-like.


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